Yellow Bird Project

Haleakala Trail, more than a thousand years old, is owned by the people of the State of Hawaii. It goes from the end of Olinda Road, Maui, through Haleakala National Park to Kaupo for about twenty miles. Mr. James Scott Fretz, Maui Branch Manager, Division of Forestry and Wildlife, Department of Land and Natural Resources, State of Hawaii and officers of Haleakala Ranch are in COLLUSION to keep this trail closed. Only YOU can help open this trail. (READ THE FULL MEDIA ALERT HERE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE UPDATES).

If you know anything¬†about this State-Ranch CONSPIRACY, please fill out the contact form here or email: [email protected].¬†

*All replies are anonymous, but we may contact you if you allow. Please help open this trail. Public Access Trails Hawaii. 

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