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Sierra Club

The Maui group of the Sierra Club of Hawaii has an outing schedule here:

It is updated every three months.

You do not need to be a member to come on an outing, but you generally have to register with the leader of the hike in advance. Most hikes have a recommended donation of $3 for members and $5 for non-members.

There is also a Facebook page to make it easier to find out about upcoming hikes:

Join the Facebook group to be notified of new hikes and to include the hike schedule in your own calendar (e.g. Google Calendar).

Mauna Ala

Another group that puts together a schedule of hikes for several months in advance is Mauna Ala. Here are a couple of recent schedules:

Note that the latest one may not be here. Unlike Sierra Club, they don’t require advance registration for a hike and they don’t ask for a donation for the hike, but they require that you pay a $5 annual membership fee (or come as a guest of a member).

Friends of Haleakala National Park

They organize monthly service outings in the crater including two nights at cabins:

Auwahi Forest Restoration Project

The project includes a monthly service outing to plant natives plants in the Kahikinui area above the wind turbines: